Focused on Returns.

We are sector-agnostic, instead choosing to invest in projects that suit our investors' needs, timelines, and risk thresholds.

Evaluating opportunities

We are constantly searching for opportunities that meet our risk-adjusted return targets. By considering a wide range of deals, we attempt to minimize the likelihood of shrinking returns due to an over-reliance on one asset class, while still ensuring that we have the expertise to create a world-class product in every project we undertake.

Targeting projects with 3X returns

Obtaining easements

Water feasibility studies

Prioritizing optionality

As a vertically integrated real estate development company, we leverage years of expertise and resources to give investors the strategic edge in the Texas real estate market. We like doing strategic deals, considering multiple exit opportunities, and continually evaluate ways to return our investors' money. This strategy has yielded returned capital via: sale of paper lots, sale of luxury RV spots, cash-out refi's, owner-financed notes, and more.

Luxury RV resorts

BTR developments

Land developments

For-hire development services

Eden Development Group offers a full range of commercial real estate development services in suburban, urban, and rural settings throughout Texas. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your project become a reality.

Permitting & planning

Easements, water feasability

Full-scale development

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